Fitness Equipment

  • Rubber Coated Hexagon Dumbbell

    Rubber Coated Hexagon Dumbbell

    Rubber coated hex dumbbells are a common piece of fitness equipment, suitable for training at various intensities, and are a must-have for many sports enthusiasts and fitness enthusiasts. The appearance of the rubber-coated hexagonal dumbbell is hexagonal, with reasonable design, comfortable hand feeling, and not easy to slip.

  • Rubber Weight Plates

    Rubber Weight Plates

    Barbell rubber weight plate adopt high quality natural and styrene butadiene rubber, the internal and external rubber is same, to ensure the service life of the product, the product weight tolerance of ±10g, is completely environmentally friendly material, long-term contact with human body harmless, bright color, according to the international regulations of different weights corresponding to different colors.