Flow Aid Arch Air Pad/ Arch Breaking Air Pad

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Flow Aid Arch Air Pad is a must-have solution for any industry that faces material flow problems in silos, hoppers or any other type of vessel. It is specifically designed to eliminate arching and bridging which are common issues faced during the flow of materials.

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Flow Aid Arch Air Pad uses a unique combination of air pressure and vibration technology to break up materials and eliminate blockages, making material flow smoother and more efficient.
Flow Aid Arch Air Pad is the perfect solution for industries dealing with material flow problems. Its efficient design, low energy consumption, and easy installation make it an attractive solution that ensures uninterrupted material flow in industrial operations.

Product Features

1. Efficient Material Flow. By eliminating arching and bridging, the Flow Aid Arch Air Pad ensures that materials flow seamlessly through the vessel.
2. Low Energy Consumption. Using pneumatic pressure, the Flow Aid Arch Air Pad requires less energy consumption, making it a cost-effective solution.
3. Versatile Installation. They can be easily installed into existing vessels or designed to fit specific existing vessels to meet customer needs.
4. Customizable. They are customizable to specific requirements, including the number and placement of air pads needed.


Place of Origin:Shandong, China
Brand Name:ZDSY
Model Number:Universal
Color:Customized Color
Function:construction, food, ceramics, plastics, glass, metallurgy, chemical and pharmaceutical, paper making, mining machinery.
Packing:Customized Packing
Logo:Customized Logo
Size: Standard or customized.

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